What is Digital Rebranding?

June 3, 2018
Markelle Harden


Social Media Today defines digital rebranding as:

While the definition is a good one, it often scares marketing teams away. New website? New emails? Managing those tasks will make even the best of marketing teams push it to the LATER list. Where will they find the time? What about the budget?

If the word “rebrand” causes panic, go with the Forbes definition: A Partial Rebrand.

With a partial rebrand, you don’t have to launch a new website or logo redesign. Most likely, your website needs a few changes to key pages, social media accounts, and a few design updates. Digital rebranding isn’t a brand makeover; it’s about making sure that your brand offers consistent messaging and images, builds trust with your audience with images, and shows up alongside your top competitors online.

Is it time to begin digital rebranding efforts?

Ask yourself (or your marketing team) the following questions:

  • Does your company plan to launch a social media advertising or a social media employee advocacy plan in the near future?
  • Is your company “MIA” on certain social media networks, groups, or forums that are gaining in popularity?
  • Is lead generation from your website a priority for your company?
  • Does your company plan to begin a content marketing campaign or increase the budget for an existing one?
  • Is a blog refresh (or launch) in the works?
  • Do customers hear crickets chirping when they talk about your brand online?
  • Does your website or social channels fail to attract visitors and engagement?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, it’s time to launch digital rebranding efforts.

Consider these digital marketing statistics and findings:

  • Companies that have blogs generate 67% more leads per month than companies without. (DemandMetric)
  • 81% of email users use a smartphone for regularly checking emails. (Adobe)
  • Brand affinity dramatically impacts click-through-rates. (WordStream)
  • 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of their friends on social media. (Marketo)

Again, digital rebranding isn’t as time-intensive as a brand refresh. With some organization and a team to manage the tasks, it can be completed in 30 days or less, in most cases.

Product & Service Rebranding

Does your company have plans to launch a product or service rebrand in the near future? Before you begin, be sure to consult the Raven Tools Blog for SEO guidance on product & service rebrands, especially if you’re dealing with an existing landing page that has SEO value.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these brands:

Enterprise IT

IGEL digital rebranding

In 2016, IGEL Technology embarked on a significant North American expansion strategy. As part of the expansion project, the new President and CEO for IGEL North America, Jed Ayres, initiated a digital rebranding for online assets and an expansion of social media channels. Not only do all social cover images serve as announcements for the company’s latest news and contests, their entire team participates in an employee engagement social media campaign. Strong digital rebranding plus content amplification has helped IGEL move forward quickly and move from 7th to 3rd in the U.S. Thin Client Marketplace in just under three years.

In addition to the digital rebranding on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube, and employee engagement efforts, IGEL offers industry expertise and collaboration through a Community Slack Channel.


CSI Group

Founded in 1991, The CSI Group faced the challenge of combining digital marketing services with brand marketing services as the internet began overtaking print ad spaces. The CSI Group has done a tremendous job of digital remarketing on their website and social media accounts.

First, they took their blue logo and converted it to black, white, and grey with a new slogan. Next, they created categories on their website to reflect the new dynamics of the digital age while incorporating the pillars of luxury marketing – outstanding product photography, in-store displays, and graphic design.

While The CSI Group will work with brands all over the world, they focus on New York City and surrounding areas. Their Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn page show their geographic focus without saying a word.




Petmate does an incredible job of maintaining their wholesome, reliable, trusted brand name in a competitive marketplace. They’ve successfully distinguished themselves from similar-named brands like Petsmart and Petco. Their social media channels leave no doubt about what they sell and who they sell to. In a world of digital noise, the Petmate digital rebrand leaves audience members with a clean, concise message that is easy to follow and distinguish.

Social Media Rebranding

If the majority of your digital rebranding efforts are focused on social media, use this guide from Search Engine Journal.

Ready to begin? Use this infographic to help you get organized:

Digital Rebranding Infographic