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Video marketing is easily glossed over at the marketing agency level because no one is available to make the video, no one wants to deal with edits and approvals…and so on. If you’re not distributing your brand message or your client’s brand in video format, you’re missing out on valuable traffic from your target audience.

Type of Videos

Videos may be as simple or intricate as desired.  The final product can be animated, a simple recording of instructions from the computer screen, or a traditional video recorded with or without audio.

ClassyInbound can help you create and market with any of the following types of videos:

Storytelling.  This is the most effective and compelling video types to engage all audiences. Tell a story about the brand, the company, or product or service.

Educational. Teach the audience, customers and/or prospects, a thing or two about the company’s product, service or brand.  People love being in the know.  Keep it simple with a single focus.  If there’s enough content or multiple focuses, a series might be encouraged.

Interactive. Drive traffic to take action or do something.  Interactive videos might drive the audience to visit a specific website page, to follow social sites, or respond and comment.  Videos may be made to be clickable again driving the audience to take specific action.

Explainer. Explainer videos are typically used to describe a product or service, adding additional pertinent information.

Advertising.  Running ads via video and circulating this information with popular videos is a popular form of promotion.  Advertisements can be outlandish, educational, sentimental or even time-sensitive promotions or call to actions.

Financial update.   Sometimes a video is the easiest or the simplest means to review financial content for a company, product or service.


“Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.”

-Video Marketing Statistics, WordStream


Video Content Marketing Classy Inbound Markelle Harden

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Did you know the first viral video dates back to 1995? If your client or agency hasn’t embraced video marketing yet, it’s time to move forward.