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Step up your online presence with a social media content package that delivers results:
  • Regular postings
  • Custom images
  • Personalized brand messaging
  • Event promotions
  • Partner and industry news posts
  • Partner and affiliate/sponsor collaboration
  • Posts with keyword targets & hashtags
  • Influencer promotions
  • Social media reporting and tracking
  • Employee engagement programs

Add a member to your social media team who understands the value of branding, thought leadership, and lead generation.

Boost your social media content with the right package*:


Our Start Plans are designed for entrepreneurs and small marketing teams who are ready to begin driving their social media with an inbound strategy. Our Start Plans are designed to give brands a push in the right direction for the next 30, 60 or 90 days. Each Start Plan comes with team training sessions for entrepreneurs, social media managers, interns, or virtual assistants.

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Start Social Media


Do you need another set of hands and eyes on your social media accounts to take them to the next level? The grow plan may be right for you if any of the following scenarios apply:

  • You have a PR or SEO team, but they don’t have anyone dedicated to managing your social channels.
  • You have a team member managing social media, but they ended up in the role by chance or necessity. It’s time to step up social media posts with regular postings, images, tracking, and reporting.
  • You’d like to start advertising on social media, but you don’t have any organic data to get started.
  • Social media is an afterthought for your marketing team; they’re just too busy to manage it correctly.
  • You need to boost your social media presence, but you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time social media manager.
  • You have a special event or campaign that needs a dedicated social media manager for a short-term contract.
  • You’re a marketing agency and need to add a social media manager to your team for certain client accounts.

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Grow Social Media


Are your social media campaigns falling short of expectations? Our Dominate plan can help you implement a proven social media strategy that will boost your brand’s visibility, grow website visitors with a data-backed plan, and deliver true ROI to your campaign.

Our Dominate package includes an employee engagement newsletter that encourages your team members to share, like, and promote your industry news and content. Every dominate plan begins with an in-depth social media blueprint that outlines competitor data, keyword and hashtag identification, and content suggestions for your website to increase social media shares, likes, and conversions. With the Dominate plan, your high-value blog posts, articles, and guest posts will serve as evergreen lead generation assets.

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Dominate Social Media


*A la carte social media services are available with each package such as animated video creation, content creation services, or marketing virtual assistant services, and more. Inquire about extra services with the form below:


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“Out of all the tasks  –content creation, publishing, strategy etc.–  social marketers are most likely to outsource their social advertising.”

-Jason Keath, Future of Social Media Marketing Report Social Fresh Jason Keath


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