A Break from Blogging

September 4, 2019
Markelle Harden

Why would a brand allow their blog to go dormant for over a year? Was it laziness? Lack of budget? A personal crisis? It’s a matter of priorities. For us, it’s been a priority to keep client blogs and content initiatives flowing and healthy. Referrals have kept our prospect pipeline full and agency projects have come before our own brand. Blogging ROI wasn’t “necessary.” Now, our need for visibility in our target market space is more important, so we’re going to put our blogging hats back on and move forward.

When is blogging ROI necessary for a business or brand?

There are several possibilities:

  1. Competitors are showing up on Page One of search engine results and your brand needs to show up alongside them without a paid search campaign
  2. It’s time to boost the reach of your website beyond advertising and email channels
  3. The launch of an active SEO campaign
  4. To generate more leads with your website
  5. To build a following for an industry topic
  6. It’s time for a rebrand and a fine-tuning of the audience; blogging can help shift both at the same time

We want to build a following around blogging for your target audience. While we’re building the content and measuring the results, we’re inviting other digital marketers, brand managers, authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in this type of data to follow our journey.

Follow our Blogging ROI Journey:

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We’ll be measuring our own blogging performance against the following industry statistics:

  • Content Marketing gets 3x more leads than paid search ads. CMI 2017
  • LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and securing audience engagement. LinkedIn
  • Leads, sales, and traffic are the most important KPIs for determining the ROI of content marketing. Databox
  • The average conversion rate for a blog is 19%. Databox

When setting up a blogging initiative, the following questions require answers:

  • How many blogs per month does it take to yield the most ROI?
  • What’s the minimum length of each blog post?
  • How often do industry leaders publish new blog posts?

To answer these questions, we analyzed several resources. Let’s break them down one by one.

How Often Should You Post a Blog?

The Marketing Insider Group recommends 11+ posts a month. Unfortunately, that number is quite unrealistic for most brands. Publishing content is time-consuming and it’s an investment. Unless a brand has the resources for an in-house content team, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to reach 11+ posts per month within budget.

Written in 2017, this Moz post is still relevant today:

Crafting posts that actually earn attention and amplification and help your conversion funnel goals, whatever those might be, over raw traffic.” – Rand Fishkin, Whiteboard Friday.

How often are content marketing industry leaders publishing blog posts?

  • Content Marketing Institute publishes one post per day
  • BuzzSumo publishes 4-5 posts per month
  • ProBlogger publishes 4-5 times per month
  • Backlinko publishes approximately 2x per month
  • GrowandConvert publishes intermittently; sometimes 1x per month, every other month, or 2x per month

For the purposes of this study, we’ll begin publishing posts four times a month for a 90 day period at the beginning of 2020. If our content team gets busy and we can’t publish our own, unique content, we’ll use a content curation tool to create a list of helpful blogs on a specific topic that appeals to our target audience.

After each blog is published, we’ll use a combination of content promotion tools. Would you like to know which content promotion tools we’ll be using? Download our free list:

Get the bonus: Content Promotion Tools

Cheers to monitoring our blogging ROI journey. Thank you for following along.

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